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Modern Shibori is an apparel collection designed Jenny Fong located in Berkeley, CA.

I'm inspired by architectural shapes and bold colors in a modern world. I’ve always loved the process of transformation and recreation; making unrecognizable beauty out of something discarded.

I believe in the slow fashion movement where we ask: how can our clothes reduce impact on climate change while pushing fashion and style forward? I create refined and exuberant clothing with these tenets in mind. 

My inspiration varies widely from mid-century modern architects such as Lautner, to vintage Japanese workwear. Fashion influences meander from tromp l’oeil designer Schiaparelli to fashion icon David Bowie. The tension between sharp modern shapes and ancient techniques such as Shibori evoke a refined playfulness in my creations.

Using natural fibers and natural plant dyes, I reconstruct and over dye my creations. I’ll reuse elements of the original garment if it speaks to me. 

Garments and textiles we reach for day after day carry our stories; who you were, who you are, who you’re becoming. I make pieces that wear in beautifully the longer you live in them. 

To find out more about workshops or inquire about products, please shoot me an email.  Or just tell me what inspires you. 


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