Sustainability is super important to me, my process and my customers.

I reexamine and finesse my process to mind my carbon footprint and give back to my environment. Here’s what my company and I stand for:

1. Organic Fabrics

I use GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic linen, and OEKO-TEX Mulberry silk read more about our fabrics

2. Water Conservation

I use low amounts of water as my pieces are made one at a time and I reuse natural dye vats until they're fully exhausted

3. Recycled and Upcycled Materials

I use eco conscious packaging that’s made from recycled materials, is recyclable and sometimes compostable. I also save my scraps and make totebags and bandanas from them

4. No Micro Plastics

I never use synthetic fiber reactive dyes or synthetic fabrics

5. Low Carbon Footprint

I use dyes grown on site when possible such as Rosemary and Toyon.

6. Ethically Made | Locally Sourced

I also employ local contractors who earn a living wage and work in factories that are well-ventilated and brightly lit

8. Slow Fashion

I am a Fibershed Supporter and a member of the Sustainable Fashion Alliance. I make each piece one at a time.

Please check back again as I discover more and implement even more sustainable practices and mills. I'll update you here.