Living in the Bay Area, I work out of my studio almost 300 days of the year making shibori clothing for my customers.

I reexamine and finesse my process to mind my carbon footprint and give back to my environment. So please check back to read the latest. But for now, here’s what my company and I stand for:

  • I am a Fibershed Supporter and a Member of Sustainable Fashion Alliance
  • I use GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic linen, and OEKO-TEX Mulberry silk read more about our fabrics
  • I use less water and less energy than other companies as my pieces are made one at a time
  • I use eco conscious packaging that’s recyclable and sometimes compostable
  • I use safely disposable botanical dyes, recycling water and low immersion techniques 
  • I use dyes grown on site when possible such as Rosemary and Toyon or foraged locally
Please check back again as I discover more and implement more sustainable practices and mills. I'll update you here.