Care for Your Modern Shibori Clothing

With proper care, your hand dyed Modern Shibori clothing will last you long enough to pass it on to a loved one. Unless they take it first ;-)

First of all you have great taste! Below is how to take care of your Modern Shibori clothing so it lasts a lifetime.


To Wash:

Machine wash on cold with like colors or hand wash. Never use bleach. Dry cleaning not recommended.

To Dry:

Line dry or tumble dry low. If you have my organic cotton flannel or sweats, try putting them on fresh out of the dryer, you won't regret it. Flatten collar with hands as it dries.

No ironing necessary.


To Wash:

Hand wash with mild soap like baby shampoo with lukewarm water. Or machine wash in a mesh bag on gentle. Never use bleach. Add a few drops of hair conditioner for an extra silky feel. Dry cleaning not recommended.

To Dry:

Wrap silk in a dry towel and lay flat. Never wring dry.

To Iron:

Always iron on the back side, low setting.


To Wash:

Handwash or spot clean using mild soap like Woolite with cool water. Cashmere or wool can be dry cleaned but hand washing will make it softer over time. You don't need to wash cashmere or wool that often.

Soak for two hours before removing the garment. Do not agitate. Press out excess water with a clean towel. Do not wring the garment.

To Dry:

Never place in the dryer. Lay flat on a dry towel with airflow underneath and reshape as it dries. Never wring.

If you have any questions, contact me at I'll answer within 48 hours.