How To Wear A Scarf 4 Ways For Summer

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The weather’s getting warmer and we all can’t wait to go on vacation, am I right? The sun feels great, summer outfits feel freeing, and the beach is calling. It's a great time to grab a lightweight summer scarf and check out some cool scarf styles to look pulled together for every occasion. I like to wear linen or a silk scarf in summer. But how to wear your scarf? Look no further, here are 4 ways to wear a summer scarf. Grab your fave Modern Shibori scarf, follow along and find your summer scarf style.

How to wear a summer scarf

Summer scarf ideas. I call this one the "Lautrec".

I call this style the "Lautrec".

If you’re wondering how to wear a summer scarf with a tank top, this is a great look. It’s super easy and very breezy. Just drape a rectangular scarf over your neck with one end much shorter than the other. Loosely wrap the long end around your neck, positioning both ends evenly. Under the loose loop, tie the ends together. 

If you want to see the video on all these looks, click here. 👇🏼


Wondering how to wear a scarf with a dress in summer? Try The Twist! This look is very pretty and a modern way to wear a scarf. Summer scarves give you so many looks when you're on vacation. By the way, in these examples, I'm using a linen scarf but you can easily play with a silk scarf or a skinny silk ladies' scarf for summer.

Summer scarf style called the Weave

I call this style the "Twist".

Grab the scarf at the half point and put it on your sternum. Rest the long ends over your shoulders. Twist the front of the scarf once. Taking one end, guide it around your body and put the end through the loop you just made in front. Do the same with the other end. Adjust higher or lower depending on how warm or cool you need to be throughout the day. Again, if this is at all confusing, please take a look at my video.

How to wear a summer scarf like a bolero jacket.

Here’s another great summer scarf outfit: the bolero!

To wear this scarf with a dress in summer as a shawl, drape the scarf over your shoulders and gather the ends in your hands. Pull the ends to your back and tie them in a double knot and voila! you have a little jacket without sacrificing your range of motion. This style works best with a long scarf. 

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Here I am modeling the Twist scarf style.

This is called the "Weave".

And here’s your last look. I suggest watching the video to understand how to put this on. Basically, hold the scarf at the half point, loop both layers around your neck and put one end in the loop, twist the loop and put the other end in the other loop to create a woven effect.

Try wearing this look to dress up a t shirt, wear over your fave summer dress or under a leather jacket. I hope these looks inspire you to play with your scarves and get some outfit inspiration.

Another look that I haven't tried is fashioning a scarf top using safety pins. Have you tried this look?

When to Wear Your Summer Scarf

So those are the looks, but some people wonder why wear a summer scarf in the first place? There are several reasons and occasions. Say you find yourself on a boat in Italy. A summer scarf is a super light layer you can wrap around your shoulders til the wind dies down.

Or if you’re in a tropical place or on the East Coast with high humidity and you encounter summer mist or rain. Just throw it over your hair as quick protection from the elements.

Another example might be, you’re sitting at a casual cabana bar dressed in a tank top and shorts. Suddenly your friends want to go to a fancier restaurant? Just use the scarf as a quick neck and shoulder cover up and look a little more dressed up.

Another situation might be air conditioning! It can be freezing to transition from heat and humidity to freezing indoor temperatures. Use your scarf as a cover up and don’t get sick. I always travel with a scarf, do you? Oh, another great reason to bring a scarf on vacation is, they’re SO packable.

I love a good linen scarf for summer. However, silk scarves are also excellent as they're a little more dressy. A lightweight scarf is easy to clean, packs super flat, weighs nothing, and holds its shape and body well. 

Summer Scarf Care

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you get a little stain or spill wine on your scarf. I've got you covered. Read my blog post on how to get red wine stains out of your clothes and scarves.

So there you have it. Wearing a scarf during summer is a no-brainer. I encourage you to venture out into the summer with style and comfort. Do you have other ways of wearing scarves? How about as a scarf necklace? Or can you think of other situations you might run into where a scarf can save your outfit or comfort? I’d love to know in the comments below. 😎 

Oh, and don't forget, fall will be coming around the corner. Scarves are such an amazing fall transition piece for you.

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