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The Mod Spot VIP Membership [closed]

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Inspired by minimalist design and traditional Japanese shibori techniques, designer Jenny Fong’s effortless pieces are made to exacting standards in California. Enjoy the luscious beauty of organic fabrics, botanically dyed by hand. 


As a Mod Spot VIP you’ll enjoy: 

  • 20% discount storewide, on all orders, including sales, events and custom orders

  • Early access to all our Special Offers, sales, and events

  • Upgraded shipping to USPS Priority on US domestic only (no minimum order)

  • Exclusive access to luxury products mad just for VIPers 

  • And much more for only a $50 annual fee

Oftentimes, VIP savings on a purchase will more than pay for the annual fee. Join today! Save and get connected to The Mod Spot. See you in there.

No other discounts apply to VIP purchase.

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