September 09, 2021

What is a Circular Economy?

By Elisa Rerolle
What is a Circular Economy?

And what does it have to do with fashion?

As we dive deeper into what sustainable fashion is and how your carefully invested purchases can actually help the planet, many buzzwords come up, especially circular fashion. To safeguard against falling prey to false claims, or greenwashing, it’s important to understand what a circular economy is first.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines the circular economy as: designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use; regenerating natural systems.1

The website Common Objective shares this easy to understand illustration comparing linear economy, recycling economy and circular economy. 

Common Objective's simple illustration of a circular economy

To fully understand the benefits of a circular economy, it is important to realize that the current model of production is linear. In other words, “​​Resources are extracted from the planet, turned into products and then thrown away when no longer required.”3 Earth’s resources ultimately end up in the trash. 

What is circular fashion?

Did you know that “less than 1% of clothing is recycled into new garments.”3 Figuring out ways to elongate the life of a dress or a pair of pants - and later giving them a second existence instead of throwing them away - is what can start improving that tiny, singular percent. This starts pushing fashion towards a circular economy.

It is possible to produce clothing that wears so long if it’s washed, mended and cared for that it actually completely stays out of landfill. This is Modern Shibori’s goal for our customers. We want to create clothing from the highest possible quality fabrics that our customers will keep them forever and pass them on. It’s very easy and doesn’t take additional time to care for your garments that bring you so much joy. 

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At Modern Shibori, pieces are subtly refined and tweaked over time for a well-curated long lasting wardrobe that transcends trends and time. So not only do the silhouettes never go out of style, also the pieces age beautifully. We use GOTS-certified organic fabrics that are milled to last, intentionally strong seam construction and the highest quality natural dyes.

There are many ways to contribute to fighting this waste that fashion generates. Are you interested in circular fashion? Pop a "YES" in the comments below.



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