Celeste Dress Sustainability


Ethically Made | Locally Sourced

Our designs are sketched by Jenny Fong in Berkeley, CA. Our sewists earn a living wage and work in factories that are well-ventilated and brightly lit in the San Francisco Bay Area. All our garments are hand dyed one at a time using natural dyes on natural fibers in our studio in Berkeley, CA. Read more about our sustainability efforts.

GOTS-certified Organic Fabrics

We use GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic linen. Read more about our organic fabrics. Wondering why GOTS certification is important? Read about GOTS. 

Water Conservation

We use low amounts of water as our pieces are made one at a time. We reuse natural dye vats until they're fully exhausted.

    Organic Fabrics

    Water Conservation

    Low Carbon Footprint

    Ethically Made