100% of my sales pledged towards Alex Ghassan's Fund

Donate to Alex Ghassan's youcaring.com fund for his twins future

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UPDATE Dec 30th, 2016: We raised $256 during the week of Dec 8th - 15th. I've pledged this donation to Alex Ghassan's family's youcaring.com campaign today, Dec 30th. The campaign is a successful one, raising $43,000 for his twins. Thank you to all who purchased online, and also to those who reached out to express their feelings around this local tragedy. We need to band together as a vibrant community of artists, men, women and children who understand how important art is to our souls as we try to make sense of this world. 

If you didn't donate and want to, you still can via this link

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The tragic warehouse fire in Oakland last week has claimed an acquaintance of mine and my friend’s ex-partner and best friend, Alex Ghassan. I’d met him while living in NYC and he was a force of life, pursuing a career in directing and producing. 

I’m donating 100% of sales on my website from now til December 15th towards his family’s fund. I’ll post here how much we’ve raised together.

Donate today via this link on Youcaring.com
 The family’s goal is $50,000 and they are 1/4 the way there.

From youcaring.com and Alex’s family:

"Four year old twins Lucienne and Alexandria lost their father Alex Frantz Ghassan in the tragic 31st Avenue Fire in Oakland, California on December 3, 2016. Alex was a 35-year-old man from Orange, New Jersey, who recently moved to Oakland to provide for his children and advance his career as a director and producer. His twin daughters were his greatest joys in life. He loved them dearly and lived every minute of life for them.

In addition to being a devoted father and family man, Alex was a loyal friend.
Many individuals knew Alex as a true lover of life. His creativity flowed in everything that he did. He lived life to the fullest and brought joy to those around him. His presence filled a room and his laughter was contagious. So many people loved Alex and wanted to be around him because he was a genuine and caring person.

We are thankful for memories we have with him and will forever hold him in our hearts. We would like to thank everyone for their kind words, support and prayers. May Alex live on through our hearts, his legacy, and his incredible work.

Donations to Alex’s memorial will be used to secure the future education of his 4-year-old twins Lucienne and Alexandria. His daughters were our daughters so we feel it necessary to start a college fund for them in lieu of their father's loving support.

For more information about Alex and his work, please visit his website at www.AlexGDirector.com.
Thank You,
Family of Alex F. Ghassan"

Rest in Power Alex,


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